Barista's Daily Grind has established a solid foundation of friendship and mutual respect with Gary Sorensen - General Contractors. Our projects have been a challenge to build, price and design. Most of our ideas were simply presented to the team as a sketch on a piece of paper. I appreciate Gary's willingness to share my vision. He is eager to try new things with us and remains flexible throughout the project. I have never been told "we cannot do that". Guy is prompt and willing to do what it takes to make the drawings the way we need and want them and Diane has the patience and perseverance to see us all through to the end. Hats off to Gary and his staff!


Cathy Mettenbrink - Barista's Daily Grind
Winner of the 2004 Nebraska Entrepreneurial Success Award
(presented by the U.S. Small Business Administration)


Our restaurant development company, Spring Creek Management, Inc., used Gary Sorensen - General Contractors as the general contractor to build our Skeeter Barnes and Pane Bello restaurants in Kearney. On both projects we were very pleased with the quality of work and their ability to complete the restaurants on time and on budget.

Restaurant projects are difficult because of the amount of specialized equipment in the kitchen and the high quality of finish required in the dining areas. Gary Sorensen - General Contractors has significant experience building restaurants and as a result was able to provide us comments on our architectural palns, which saved us money and improved the overall design of our projects. We found Gary Sorensen - General Contractors to be professional and very good to work with at each stage of the projects and we plan on working with them in the future.


Jim Jenkins
President of Spring Creek Management


In the spring of 2000 my wife (Dawn) and I made the decision to embark on a long contemplated construction project. The renovation of the residence we called home.

The project, which involved the addition of 5,000 and renovation of 4,000 square feet of living space, began in July of 2000. By April of 2001 the project had stalled with a myriad of sequencing and execution issues. Rainwater damaging recently installed drywall was the last straw. In April, I made the call to Gary Sorensen.  Gary met with Dawn and I on a Sunday afternoon in April and surveyed the ‘progress’ on our project. By this time the project was nine months into construction.  The chaos we walked over and through was beyond description.  Gary agreed to take on the project.  I think more out of his human compassion than business sense.

Gary Sorensen - General Contractors began work in May of 2001.  The project was complete 90 days later.  Gary brought leadership to the project and restored the pride of craftsmanship to the trades people and subcontractors. Gary didn’t just ‘do’ this project he ‘attacked it’, like it was his own.  Gary and his team brought energy, innovation, creativity and conviction to the project that Dawn and I had so tirelessly planned. Gary Sorensen is not a general Contractor; Gary is a ‘General of Contractors’.   As a closing testimony, today I not only count Gary Sorensen as the builder of my house but also as my good friend.


Michael Chavanu
Kearney, NE

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